BSBCRT611 Apply Critical Thinking for Complex Problem Solving


The purpose of this learner’s guide is to:

1. Provide you with information on delivery schedule and plan of this unit
2. Ensure that you understand how students will be assessed in this unit
3. Provide information on assessment methods, strategies, and evidence requirements
4. Provide information on learning activities and assessment tasks
5. List resources which may assist in student learning and assessment tasks

This unit also incorporates Foundation Skills that are embedded within the competency elements.

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

1. Lead the process for addressing at least one complex workplace issue up to the point of implementation. In the course of the above, the candidate must:
2. Identify task objectives and risks involved with pursuing identified problem

3. Research legislative frameworks and applicable frameworks for identified problem

4. Calculate resources required for solution development process

5. Facilitate others in idea generation for possible solutions

6. Present proposed solution to key stakeholders

7. Use feedback to revise solution to achieve stakeholder approval

8. Seek necessary approvals for the implementation of the solution. 

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