OCTY71106 Occupational Therapy Roles and Responsibilities

Demonstrate competencies in safe and professional practice including cultural safety, ethical & legal practice, documentation, manual handling and 
infection control. 
3.  Explain the impacts of external (including social, cultural, institutional, and economic) and internal factors on occupational therapy roles and scope of 
4. Apply foundational knowledge and skills for common areas of occOCTY71-106 213 
Task description 
You are to write an essay, exploring the impacts of a pandemic (specifically COVID 19) on occupational therapy practice.  To contextualise your essay, use the 
following scenario: 
You are an occupational therapist working in private practice (you can choose which population group you service e.g. paediatrics, adults general physical, 
mental health etc.), and your role in the private practice (e.g. owner, employee).  
In writing your essay, explore the concepts we have covered this semester and reflect on how a pandemic may impact on you, your role, and overall service 
delivery.  At minimum, you should consider the following areas in relation to your chosen scenario: 
• Professionalism – What guidance is offered by our AHPRA Code of Conduct?  You may also choose to conduct a SWOT analysis for your scenario. 
• Risk Management – What must be in place to manage risks for you and your clients?  Where does infection control fit in? 
• Patient Safety – Consider the healthcare perspective. 
• Client – Centred Practice – How would you manage client/patient rights and responsibilities, and ensure informed consent? 
• Professional Competencies – How are the OT competency standards relevant? 
• Self-care – How would you maintain your own health and wellbeing during this time? 
• Dilemmas & Ethical Behaviour – What dilemmas are you likely to face? Outline your ethical decision-making process.  What aspects of the intentional 
relationship model are important and how would you respond in these scenarios?  
• Business Acumen – What are the likely impacts on business?  What is your role in this?  What functions of management are most relevant at this time? 
Participation & Attendance: 
You are required to attend all sessions throughout the semester.  Should you be absent, you are required to submit a medical certificate supporting your 
absence.  Attendance and participation will contribute to your final mark.  Please see separate rubric for more detaupational therapy practic
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