PSY0041 Health Psychology : Turnitin to Determine Originality


While I hope you participated in online study groups, you may not collaborate in answering the exam. Exams will be submitted to Turnitin to determine originality.
Read the question carefully. Credit will only be given for responses that directly answer the question. Your grade will be based on your ability to demonstrate appropriate use of specific course concepts in answering the question rather than informal or ‘person on the street’ thoughts.
Clearly identify specific ideas from the lectures and chapters (rather than stating the overall theme of the lecture/chapter). In addressing the question, a specific theory or two may come to mind immediately but explore a range of concepts from the course. Put ideas in your own words, don’t just simply toss jargon at the reader.
The idea for question below came after viewing the following TED Talk. Viewing it will provide some good sense as to how to proceed in answering the question. Here is the link.
What really matters at the end of life:
 Mid-term question
What have you learned from Chapters 6-11 (inclusive) and lectures 5-8 (inclusive) that would provide insights as to how the health care system, its policies/ practices, may add to the suffering of patients; especially those with pain, chronic illness and terminal conditions? What could be done to remedy this?
(To answer these questions, you will likely need to review the material in chapters 8-11 to understand how to apply chapters 6 and 7.)
Discuss what each chapter offers to help guide governments in their effort to achieve this goal. Your answer will need to describe how specific concepts from each of the 6 chapters of the textbook and 4 lectures assigned to date could be of value towards this end. You will need to present your answer under 9 sub-headings and in this order: Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11 (then) Lecture 5, Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8. Format:
• Papers must not exceed 1300 words. Grader will stop reading at 1300 words.
• Be precise and concise. You will be graded on the clarity and depth of your rationales. (Note: repetition of the same concept with the same rationale will not earn you credit). Brief examples/applications may be used to make your points more explicit.
• Write in compete sentences NOT bullet points
• Single space
• There is no need for introductory or summary/conclusion paragraphs as these tend be repetitive.
• The course textbook and lecture materials need only be referenced by putting in brackets T for textbook and page number(s) (e.g., T37). Similarly lecture materials need have in brackets L for lecture followed by the lecture number (e.g., L4) Any other sources must be properly referenced using American Psychological Association (APA) style. For citation guidance go to Purdue’s OWL site below general_format.html
• Using questionable websites such as “Course Hero” can result in plagiarism.
• In keeping with academic integrity, ensure that your work represents your own ideas.
Submission: (There is a late penalty of 1 mark per day.)
Exams must be submitted to the Turnitin portal on the course eClass page by All students, including those with accommodations, must submit by this day and time.
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