Students will write a Critical Book Review (100 points)

Students will write a Critical Book Review (100 points). The CBR is a 1,000-word essay critically addressing the assigned prompt. The College’s bookstore can assist students in purchasing titles. Students must base their CBR on the following prompt and one of the following titles: Is the primary protagonist portrayed in the novel a good mother? In order to effectively address the prompt, students first need to engage in a study on the qualities inherent in good mothering. This can be based on a psychoanalytic, Jungian, humanistic, behavioral, etc. perspective. Then the student should apply their findings to the novel. Choices are limited to:

Ward, J. (2011). Salvage the bones: A novel. Bloomsbury

Description in succinct form

Your personal ethical vision statement will be developed through the course of this two-part project. Over the course of several units, you will develop your ethical vision statement, which will serve as a guide for you in future and current encounters in both your personal and professional life.

Part 2: Identifying Your Beliefs and Practices and Explaining Why You Have Them

Identify your ethical views and the ways in which these beliefs influence your ethical actions.
Identify the five most essential beliefs you hold in your life and why they are important.
Clarify your beliefs and habits in terms of operating ethically in order to be more effective.
Provide an explanation for why you selected these ethical standards.
The reason why these are crucial to you and your future business interactions is as follows:
Determine your basic values, which serve as a guide for how you operate and make decisions in your life.
What difficulties you are experiencing or anticipate encountering as a result of living these beliefs.
The statement should express your aspirations as a business professional, and it should include things like:

In what ways do your actions and interactions with others and with your company are influenced;
Display your understanding of how you would put these guiding principles into action; and
This statement will serve as a guidepost for decision-making in the following ways:
The article should be formatted and referenced in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) rules.

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