Explain how these pricing or volume changes may affect the lab


You have been hired as the manager for a new clinical lab company in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The lab is a nonprofit that serves low-income patients in the downtown area. The lab is in the process of setting its fees-for-services on individual services. The clinic director has estimated fixed costs of $436,000, a volume of 18,500 tests, and variable cost rate of $19.

She has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the lab’s board of directors, explaining variable and fixed costs for healthcare services in the lab. Prepare a 7 to 10 slide PowerPoint that explains the following items.

Figure the price breakeven for the clinic.

List and explain fixed costs that the lab will have.

List and explain variable costs per visit that the lab will encounter.

The board will need to be aware that pricing may change if estimated costs are not accurate. If fixed costs end up being $397,500, how will the price breakeven change?

Explain how these pricing or volume changes may affect the lab.

Use your imagination or do whatever research is necessary to come up with some of the fixed and variable costs to present to the board. Feel free to use any graphics or images in your project that you feel would enhance the presentation. You are required to use the Notes section of PowerPoint to explain information on the slides to the board. You are required to use at least your textbook for the assignment.

Be sure to cite any sources used and include a reference slide with proper APA formatting.

You’ve been appointed as the manager of a new clinical lab in Atlanta. The lab is a non-profit that helps low-income downtown patients. The lab is currently determining individual service prices. The clinic director estimates $436,000 in fixed expenditures, 18,500 tests, and a $19 variable cost rate.

She has requested you to produce a PowerPoint presentation for the lab’s board of directors on healthcare expenditures. Assemble a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint that explains the

Precisely what is the clinic’s break

List and describe the lab’s fixed costs.

List and explain the lab’s variable charges per visit.

The board should be informed that prices may alter if costs are underestimated. How would the price breakeven change if fixed expenses are $397,500?

Why these price or volume shifts matter.

Create some fixed and variable costs to submit to the board using your imagination or research. Please feel free to use any visuals or photos that you feel will enhance your project. You must use PowerPoint’s Notes area to clarify facts to the board. The assignment requires you to use your textbook.

Cite all sources and provide a reference slide in APA format.

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