A historical sketch of the role of the psychologist with regard

Project: The purpose of this requirement is to provide an in-depth knowledge of a particular aspect of criminal justice in relation to forensic psychology. Students will select some aspect of criminal justice, psychology and the legal system and provide a written report on it. The project will be an APA styled research paper of at least 10 pages and involve a famous case with regard to the issue researched.. It should be completed one week prior to the end of the semester. Examples would be answering questions like How would somebody like Timothy McVeigh be able to have an untarnished military record and then engage in the bombing of the Murrah building? or How was the decision about John Hinckley made with regard to the insanity plea? Notice that there is an issue with the famous case that would answer these questions in a research paper.
Research projects should conform to the following outline with the subheadings in the paper. :
APA style cover sheet with pagination, no running head.
Introduction: A historical sketch of the role of the psychologist with regard to the issue the students have chosen. What are the historical characteristics of psychologist’s role in the legal system regarding the issue? What landmark cases should be briefly described regarding the issue?
Famous Criminal Case: Describe and summarize a specific case or trial as well as the basics of a crime, investigation, forensic assessment issues, profile trial etc.
Importance of the Case: What was the importance of the evidence in the case as well as its impact on the outcome and the outcome’s significance for future cases? What impact did the psychologist(s) have on the case?
Summary and Conclusions: The overall summary and important conlusions should be placed in this section.
References: The end of the paper should include a reference list which may involve journal articles, newspaper articles, book entries, biographies, and scholarly internet sources. At least 8 sources should be used in the project.

Students are required to complete a project that focuses on a specific area of criminal justice and forensic psychology. Students will choose a topic in criminal justice, psychology, or the legal system and write a report about it. An APA-formatted research paper of at least 10 pages will be required for this assignment, which will be based on a well-known case study.. One week before the end of the semester, it should be finished. How can someone like Timothy McVeigh be able to have an unblemished military record and then engage in the bombing of the Murrah building? How did John Hinckley’s insanity plea come to be rejected? A study article would be able to answer these issues, however there is a problem with the famous case.
The subheadings in a research paper should follow the following outline.:.
There is no running head on this cover sheet.
Introduction: A brief history of psychology’s involvement in relation to the students’ selected topic. Is there any historical context for the involvement of psychologists in the judicial system? What are some of the most important precedents in this area?
If you want to learn about a well-known case or trial, you need to know about the basics of criminal investigation and forensic assessment.
It’s important to understand the relevance of the case in terms of the evidence used, the conclusion, and how this case will affect future instances. This case was influenced by how the psychologist(s) dealt with it.
This part should include a concise description of the findings as well as any significant conclusions.
There should be a reference section at the end that includes citations from academic sources such as academic journals and newspapers, books, biographies, and the like. There should be at least eight different sources consulted for this assignment.

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