Description: The aim of this assessment is to apply business analytics and


The aim of this assessment is to apply business analytics and decision modelling approaches to develop a business report (proposal) for a given business scenario using Excel and Solver as decision model implementation and solving tools.


You are the Cunningham Holdings senior Business Analyst working with Oscar Cunningham the CEO of the CHL Hospitality subsidiary to submit a 1500 word business report (proposal) for a new golf course resort. The management’s plan is to build the standard clubhouse golf course. However, shareholders’ request that the management build the exclusive clubhouse golf course (the original exclusive clubhouse model).

During your modelling process, you confirmed that within the current constraints it is not viable to build the shareholders’ demanded exclusive clubhouse golf course. Your are required to propose three options for the exclusive clubhouse model. Analysis and discuss the four feasible models (the standard and the three options of the exclusive clubhouse). You then make a recommendation with justification to the management the proposed model.

In helping you to prepare the business report, you MUST do the following to provide evidence to support your proposal:

Part 1: Action Plan (30%)

In the action plan you have to describe the process you will undertake to transform the business problem into a set of mathematical equations using the four steps approach.

Identify the decision variables – the unknown values that the model seeks to determine.

Identify the objective function – the quantity to be minimised or maximised.

Identify all appropriate constraints – limitations, requirements, or other restrictions that are imposed on any solution, either from practical or technological considerations or by management policy.

Write the objective function and constraints as mathematical expressions.

Part 2: Spreadsheet Model Implementation (30%)

Here, it includes the Excel and Solver implementation of your five (5) models.

Standard clubhouse model (management plan)

Exclusive clubhouse model (shareholder’s request)

Three (3) options of the exclusive clubhouse model. Clearly state what have changed in each of the option from the original exclusive clubhouse model.

Part 3: Business Report & Communication (40%)

In the business report, first provide a description of the implementation of your five decision models (the management’s standard clubhouse, the original shareholders’ exclusive clubhouse and the three options for the exclusive clubhouse.

Provide an analysis of the four feasible models (the standard and the three options of the exclusive clubhouse) on their holes configuration, total enjoyment index, total land used and the total construction cost. Discuss the implication on four feasible models whether they meet shareholders’ original exclusive clubhouse requirement.

Make a recommendation to Oscar your proposal model. In doing so you can rank your four feasible models based on international golfing requirement and whether meeting shareholders’ requirement. Justify your recommendation.


It is possible the standard clubhouse model be your recommended model although it does not meet shareholders requirement, but it may has the best international golfing requirement in terms of golfer enjoyment index, holes configuration and it is the cheapest to construct.


Logon to you subject site on LearnJCU and select the assessment tab

Select the link to the assessment task 3 dropbox and upload your Business proposal

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