Oil storage tank maintenance and repair project ∙ ∙ ∙ PART 2:

Oil storage tank maintenance and repair project

∙ ∙ ∙



For maintaining production from an oilfield, it is vital to check and test every piece of process facility in a routine duration and do routine, emergency and overhaul maintenance and repair in AHWAZ oilfield. According to the technical Inspection and HSE Department reports there are some deficiencies and pitting appears on the wall of the oil storage tank created by the chemical reaction between water and hydrogen sulfide (every oil and gas well produce water and H2S beside oil and gas and amount these chemicals are part of field inherent characteristic). Preventive measure and coating against corrosion and some repairs are necessary according to the API 650 standard.

The company decided to choose a contractor to do this maintenance and repair project. When the contractor is selected, they will join the project owner maintenance department consisting of three sub departments (Mechanical, Power, instrument) and will do their daily activities under direct supervision of these department. Two shell plates in circle/course 4 and 3 shell plates in circle/course 5 need to be changed. Internal and external surface should be paint after repair.

For doing this project it is necessary to do a lot of safety considerations environmental impacts. the tank should separate from other in-process facilities, doing repairs, and back into service and restore safely.

The selected contractor should provide all engineering, labor, equipment, and materials which are necessary to decommission, cleaning, repairing, restoring, and commissioning of an oil storage tank at an anonymous oil field. All materials, labor, equipment like shell plates, structure, gaskets, pipes, pumps, crane service, electrical and everything necessary for a safe job, should be provided by the contractor. All sludge discharged from the tank should deliver to authorized environmental restoration sites. All solid waste material should transfer to authorized/Legal landfills. The tank is to be fully operational when completed. During this project 2 shell plates in circle 4 and three shell plates in circle 5 of tank will cut, remove, assemble a new shell plate, and weld.


Project Milestones

A contractor is selected.

A shutdown permit should issue by the head office.

The shutdown duration should determine by head office.

The contractor Should establish his workshop before head office issues shutdown permit.


The oil storage tank (Tank 1003) Cleaned, repaired, Painted, restored, and put into service to increase production system, reliability, and safety.





Responsible Party



Project manager

The maintenance department manager and project manager are same



Technical Inspection Department

By using the required equipment and labor resources, the capability to take care of repair is sufficient.

Technical Inspection manager

Technical inspection manager received an email from the project manager




Before closing down permit, all the necessary procedures related to safety and work orders will be given to the project




Project manager received the procedures from HSE


Operation/ Process Department

Enough space is available for additional material required for the project.

Operation manager

Received confirmation from the



Maintenance Department

Throughout the project lifecycle, all the resources will remain available

Maintenance manager

Still doing the planning on it


Head office

Shutdown permit will be issued by the head office on time


Head office will receive a

notification from the project




Equipment mentioned in the contract should be provided to the contractor

Contractor CEO

No action required


Project manager

The project start date is June 1, 2021, and project

end date is 30 Sep, 2021

Project manager

Project manager will send a

notification to head office and contractor


Technical inspection procedures may need other unseen consideration and materials. When the tank opens, it is possible that repair will extend because of corrosion rate. HSE procedure may create delay in some activities. Working in a high safety risk packed area is a big constraint.


All equipment including mechanical, instrumentation, electrical devices and safety devices should be in service. All scaffolds should remove from dike wall. Technical inspection, Operation and HSE should sign termination/Box up form. All blind flanges should remove and All valve should be operable according to operating manual and PFD and PID diagrams.


The oil storage tank must be fully operational and HSE and technical inspection departments signed commissioning and box up forms. All instrumentation, mechanical and electrical equipment should work properly after commissioning phase. Commissioning and decommissioning must perform according to standard operating procedures. The contractor has to prepare all safety devices and clothing for their employees. The plant must shut down and restart according to shutdown permit. The cost must not exceed 25 % or budget baseline.+


We create a WBS diagram for the project. We use the Process Facility ID, TK 1003, which can be found in process flow diagram of process facility as starting letter. This will help for future reference and when dealing with a big overhaul project which consists of many processing facilities and many subprojects which should merge in a master project. The created WBS diagram is big (A3 paper size), so we attached a pdf file to our exercise.

Creating Description of the treaty booklet

All required maintenance, Repairs and testing should provide with the exact number of required resources and jobs. All documentation and work orders from another department like Operation, HSE, Process departments involved in this booklet.

Contractor Selection

Legal and Contractor Dept will determine the contractor and will create the final legal contract. It is out of oilfield responsibility (milestone).

Contractor workshop establishment

After the contractor selected, HSE and the maintenance department are responsible to determine a safe place for a contractor to establish their workshop inside the process area.

Getting Shutdown permit from the relevant office

Shout Down permit will issue by head office.

Shut down and discharge.

The tank oil must be drained as much as possible then it will S/D.

Decommissioning According to SOP

The tank should be separate from other process facilities and all inlets and outlets should close(blind).


To access, roof and wall outer area of the tank should scaffold according to safe scaffold manual.

Grit Blasting

All inner surface (Roof, Wall, Floor) and outer area (Wall) should grit blasted, and all paints and corrosion coatings should be lifted and cleaned to be ready for inspection and measuring.

Inspection by technical inspection team

Technical inspection department will inspect all cleaned surfaces and will issue repair, cutting, welding, assembling, coating, and painting procedures.

Repair according to technical inspection painting procedure

All corroded shell plates will remove and replace with a new one.

Painting according to technical inspection painting procedure

All grit blasted, inspected, and repaired surfaces should coated and painted according to technical inspection department procedures

Commissioning according to SOP

The tank will back in service safely.

Startup / Normal Operation

The operation will normal after all instruments/electrical/firefighting and operational equipment are back into service.

Group Activity Log THE WBS

Team Member




Tools & Techniques


22nd May, 7pm, EST

Team meeting for initiation of the assignment (Agenda of the meeting)

20 minutes

WhatsApp, Google docs


22th May, 8:15pm EST

First meeting

1 hour 15 minutes

Zoom, Google docs


23rd May, 8pm EST

Analysis of kickoff meeting 1

20 minutes

Google docs


27th May, 7pm EST

Second meeting

1 hour, 20 minutes

Zoom, Google docs


28th May, 8:30pm EST

Analysis of kickoff meeting 2, questions and doubts about the assignment

40 minutes

Google docs


28th May, 7pm EST

The project scope statement (Part 2)

1 hour 30 minutes

Google docs, PMBOK


30th May 2021, 1 pm EST

The WBS (Part 3)

2 hours

Google docs, PMBOK


31th May, 10pm EST

Group Activity log Framework

25 minutes

Google docs


31th May 2021, 10:30 pm EST

Overall Summary, Final proofreading and editing

1 hour

Google docs


1 June 2021, 10 am EST

Finalizing the document

30 minutes

Zoom, Google docs


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