Team Sustainability Written Case Description: In Sustainability we deal with complex and

Team Sustainability Written Case 

Description: In Sustainability we deal with complex and interconnected challenges that involve many stakeholders. This assignment has your team investigate and reflect upon the sustainability strategies in the context of a selected organization. You need to adopt an institutionally embedded perspective and, through thorough research, identify the factors that in your organization pursue sustainability principles.

Requirements: Write a paper that analyzes the existing sustainability strategies within an organization of your own choice. Adopt an institutionally embedded perspective and review relevant literature that helps you derive the factors constituting sustainability in your chosen company. Provide recommendations for specific sustainability practices that might be relevant and valuable to your organization.

Your paper (excluding references) should not exceed 15 pages in Times New Roman 12 (limited to 20 pages including appendices, tables and exhibits) and 1-1.5 spacing, with 1-inch margins all around. Include a title page with your team names. A list of references is required which fully and accurately reflect all sources you refer to in your paper. Use APA referencing style and be sure to include citations within your document. Not following these guidelines may negatively affect your grading points for this assignment. Please refer to cases used in our course as examples.

Recommendations: Your team should adopt an emic (internal) viewpoint and try to understand the organization or industry from within; thus, considering its past, culture, essential institutions like governments, current situation in view of corporate responsibility and sustainability, etc. Initially, you may wish to choose a broader approach and analyze the corporate responsibility development in the organization’s economy, the general understanding of leadership in the economy, etc. as a part of the factors which constitute sustainability.

Evaluation: Your paper is evaluated according to how comprehensively, thoroughly, and systematically it derives the factors that constitute sustainability in the organization or industry of your choice. Also, your paper will be evaluated on how well your assignment is presented in terms of writing, structuring, presentation, and referencing. This written portion of the assignment will be worth 25% of your total Sustainability Case grade.

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