Daily Life During The English Invasion of Scotland

FORMAT: You will earn points simply by following these directions:!! (see Rubric at end of syllabus).
(1) Type (word process) double spaced, using 14 font with margins standard of 1 1/2 inches.

(2) Length: Minimum 5 pages of text (does not include title page or bibliography in 5 pages of text) , Maximum 20 pages.

(3) Use standard accepted college style format such as A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and be consistent throughout your paper. (essentially Chicago style; MLA is acceptable).

(4) Include a title page and final bibliography. You must have a minimum of 4 references in your bibliography, in addition to your textbook if used. You may have more.

(A) At least ONE of these should be from a source such as a researched e-book or other well researched professional article such as in a history journal, a biography and other materials containing well documented research and primary material (see next para.).

(B) Include AT LEAST ONE primary information source with the secondary sources. A primary source is historic information for the time of the event; such as a letter, news article,,,, government documents, photos, diaries, statistics, architedture, mechanical or scientific data etc.

(5) FOOTNOTES: If you copy something from a source such as a quote, data, statement copied from source etc,an appropriate footnote is required to indicate its source. If you do not do this you are plagiarizing or you are not giving indication of source of your primary infomation,
You may use footnote format either on each page or at the end of the text as a list of endnotes. See “Insert” in Word for placement and information required.
DO NOT USE PARENTHETICAL NOTES (notes in parenthesis within the text.) This is a formal research papers and should be written like one.

(6) You paper should include an introduction in which you state your thesis. This is the main point(s) of your paper.

(7) Follow this introduction and thesis statement with the body of the paper that discusses your topic, gives evidence and examples used to reach the conclusion made in your thesis statement..

(8)Then write a conclusion This wraps up all the data in the paper that proves your thesis statement and gives a summary of major points as you restate your thesis…

(9). The last pages in your paper will be the bibliography page and endnotes should you choose this style over footnotes.

. Since the research paper is due the last day of class, it is not possible to turn it in 7 days late as grades will be due before that in most semesters.
So use your time wisely. Choose your topic promptly. Dont wait until the last minute. You have a lot of research and reading and then writing to do. Spelling and grammar will also count (style) along with content and argument.

Use your word processors spell and grammar resources to check these.
REMEMBER: This is semester long project with periodic due dates every 3-4 weeks (depending on the semester) for which you earn points for simply turning in your assignments on time and receeive feedback.!
The intent of these periodic submissions is to keep you working throughout the semester on the project. I am also willing to read first drafts if given enough time to do so and return to you in a timely manner.

If you do not know how to write a research paper please consult Turabian, information in the library, in the campus writing lab and on the Internet to help. I am also available to give you assistance.

Two good history web sites, that also lead you to additional sites are: Best of History Web Sites and Internet Modern History Source Books The last one is an excellent resource for finding primary sources.


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