I chose to use the video titled ‘Most Popular Streamed Games 2015

I chose to use the video titled ‘Most Popular Streamed Games 2015 – 2019’ for this journal. The video was surprising, not only because of how things changed so quickly in only four years but because during the four years displayed in the video, the number one most popular game was ‘League of Legends.’ Not only did it continue to stay on top of the list, but this video game also increased in users streamed. The most significant change, however, was the quick rise of streams in the game ‘Fortnite.’ During 2015, it did not make a list once, but as soon as it peaked on the list in the year 2017, it became the most popular streamed game until 2019, where League of legends rose to the top again.

The person most likely responsible for this trend is Brandon Beck, who created the gaming company in 2006 . He is most likely responsible for the continuous popularity because he is the one who can agree or disagree with new changes. Brandon Beck continues to run the company and creates innovative ways to gain new players while keeping old players. While Fortnite rose in popularity, it did not become number one for long. The reigning champion, League of Legends, in 2019 had the number one spot. This most likely became more popular because the game increased upgrades and has a dedicated following who can afford to stream and play, unlike Fortnite players. League of Legend players have been online and streaming since 2006, meaning that most players are adults with both time and money to spend on new upgrades and competitions like e-sports. On one website, the author estimated that League of Legends has over 8 million daily players . This number is significant but not surprising considering the video game constantly upgrades, including “…balance changes, new champions, or new items” .

Works Cited

“How is LoL Still the Most Popular Game After a Decade”. (Sept, 2020).


“Most Popular Streamed Games 2015 – 2019”. (Oct, 2019).

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Bold is never correct in Eng 112. 

Short Folder rule #1 is completely missing. 

You have parentheses on your Works Cited page. Short Folder rule #11 has never used parentheses. 

You have 0 parentheses in the essay. Missing parentheses for citation of sources means the essay would be graded as an F. 

I chose to use the video titled ‘Most Popular Streamed Games 2015 – 2019’ for this journal. The video was surprising, not


‘Most Popular Streamed Games 2015 – 2019’ was surprising, not

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Eng 112

Data is Beautiful Journal (Journal #4)

Go to YouTube and search “Data is Beautiful”. This is the address of the channel you are searching for:


At last count, the channel posts 58 videos, all using graphs to show trends over recent times. Click on “Videos” to see them all. “Most popular” and “Best selling” are two of the most popular types of videos. At least one video only predicts future trends based on current analysis; do not pick that video for Journal #4. Pick any video from “Data is Beautiful” that shows trends that have already occurred over recent times. Which one will you pick? That counts as 1 source for Journal #4, otherwise known as the Analysis journal.

Then use Google or other research that studies, explains, or otherwise analyzes what the “Data is Beautiful” video indicates. Why did something less popular become more popular? When did something very popular begin to be replaced? With this additional research, search for who is responsible for these particular trends and attempt to give historical context that analyzes these changes. Remember that after Journal #1, all Eng 112 essays need to mention and to at least minimally be about a person you name.

Regarding Short Folder rule #11, remember that the title of a YouTube video to be listed on the Works Cited page is what is directly beneath the video on that page. If you list YouTube in Short Folder rule #11, italicize it. “Data is Beautiful” does not fit into Short Folder rule #11.

Like all journals, this essay should be 300-500 words and use 2-4 sources. Follow The Short Folder, not the APA Folder.

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