Pick one of the poems and make an interpertive claim.

Make an interpretive claim about one of the poems from the list below, and connect the
ideas in your analysis to ideas in one credible outside source that considers/analyzes the
If you are not sure about what interpretive claim is, PLEASE ask me or another professor
Remember that, in analysis, you consider specific features in the poem that bring
some remarkable quality (remarkable= worthy of remark) to the experience of
reading the poem.
In this essay, you must also consider some of the assertions in the outside
analysis you found, and then explain how the way you think about the poem differs
from, agrees with, and/or extends that analysis.
For the outside source, I am giving you quite a bit of leeway on the selection;
you may use the library databases, or you may also find something through Google.
Whatever method you use to find the source, make sure it is credible (Google the
author and publication!); no student essays.
Following are the choices of poems/authors for this essay. All poems are linked on Canvas.
# Langston Hughess Harlem and/or Theme for English B;
# Robert Frosts After Apple Picking;
# Claudia Rankines Situation 6;
# Wilfred Owens Dulce et Decorum Est;
# Carolyn Forches The Colonel;
# Natasha Tretheweys Southern History
# Place your thesis statement in the first paragraph.
# You need one reliable outside source – use your outside source appropriately
and only as needed.
# Write minimum 4 full pages (even one word short cannot receive credit). 4
pgs.=approx. 1400 wds
# Format according to MLA style including: MLA parenthetical citations for any
words or ideas that are not yours; a works cited page formatted according to
MLAs 8th Edition. Visit Purdues Online Writing Lab for info and help:
# Write exclusively in 3rd person POV (Do not use: I, me, my, mine; we, us,
our, ours; you, your, yours).
This class runs with the assumption that you have solid knowledge of MLA format and citations, that you are
practiced in constructing arguable thesis statements and coherent body paragraphs, and that you possess
college-level proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Any serious defects in these areas will be
reflected in your grade.


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  • Pick one of the poems and make an interpertive claim.
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