reflection paper on Organizational Behavior concepts

The assignment is a reflection paper. New Times Roman font, font size 12. There are no references required. There is no page format necessary. It should be written in a very conversational manner. I want you to imagine you are sitting next to me and telling me about yourself.
Then, I’d like you to provide a personal reflection on each of those concepts and how you personally relate to them. So, for example, do you consider yourself a strong introvert, a strong extrovert, or are you somewhere in between? Why do you believe this is true?
Counterproductive work behavior is voluntary behaviors that have the potential to harm the organization or its stakeholders this concept includes a wide array of behaviors both intentionally and unintentionally such as harassing coworkers creating unnecessary conflict deviating directly or indirectly from preferred work methods such as shortcuts that undermine work quality, being untruthful, stealing, sabotaging work, and wasting resources. Write about this concept and provide real-life examples or personal experiences.
Are you intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation? Why do you believe this is true?
Explain how to get your message across more effectively and summarize the elements of active listening describe a time in which you have implemented active listening and describe how the person receiving the communication reacted to you.
Describe the four elements of transformational leadership and explain why they are important for organizational change. Describe an experience of transformational leadership that you have experienced.
Please include the organizational behavior concept above in the reflection paper.


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