Write a response comment for 1 and 2 – 120 words each

Write a response comment for 1 and 2 – 120 words each

 believe Gambaro’s work is due the political and social situation Argentina and Latin America was living at the time. A lot of European with fascist ideals left Europe in the early 20th century and emigrate to Argentina. Therefore, Argentine militaries were trained by German armies for which concentration camps were part of the torture mechanism against people with different political ideals. The camp was written in 1967 and it was the product of the dictatorships that ruled Argentina in 1966 and the massive military coup that led to regime Isabel Peron and the Dirty War afterward. The Dirty War was the violent and brutal political event that murdered 30.000 Argentinians between 1976 and 1983. 

While I was reading The Camp, I imagine how desperate people felt at that time in Argentina and even back in World War II when the Nazis had camps of concentration. (Global event decades prior El Campo). The Camp by Gambaro is very similar to the Dirty War, almost like she predicted… the torture, control and cruelty showed by the military in the play is the same hate in the Dirty War years after. As Leon Brown stated “History repeats itself endlessly for those who are unwilling to learn from the part” 

Finally, my feeling reading the playing were intrigue, fear, and angriness. Unfortunately, in Latin American countries governments very often take advantage of people and politics becomes a synonym of dirty and bad practices of the law. I am from Venezuela and the government for the last 20 years is murdering people and forcing Venezuelan people to leave their country, reason why this kind of play makes me angry and sensible to the people suffering for a small group of people (the government) that just want to control the population and massacre them.

2. As I read in the book, The Camp illustrates Argentina’s growing militarism and fascination with fascism, the deadly toxin back of those days was fulfilled with violence  which corroded the argentine body politic, undermining distinctions between social, family and personal space, basically each sphere was invaded and terrorized. Argentina was part of the turbulent period throughout Latin America called the Civil War a seven-year period in which thirty thousand civilians were disappeared, tortured and killed. This play set against the backdrop of the holocaust, and it was a warning of things to come for the Argentine population, a population who was still to endure one of the most horrific periods of its history. When I was reading The Camp, I honestly could not imagine how much suffering and desperation people felt back in those days, the noise of machine guns , the smell of burning flesh, the allusions to showers and the prisoners forced to sing as they are marched off to the field made me feel sad and grateful at the same time, I cannot imagine the pain and sadness those people had to go thru during that time, and makes me feel grateful at the same time because we can clearly see that injustices like those are no longer happening in our world and communities.

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