Politics of the Developing Areas

What are the biggest challenges that developing countries continue to face in their quest for development? In this essay, you should define the concept of development, provide a brief
account of how development scholars have theorized and analyzed development in the Third World, and make an argument for 1 or 2 contemporary challenges from our readings that
developing countries need to overcome to encourage development. Your essay can focus on a specific country and/or region or can pull examples from various countries and/or regions
across the developing world discussed in our readings.


  • e Cigs
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelts New Deal Reform Program
  • Politics of the Developing Areas
  • Applying Border Imperialism to I Saw Ramallah
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Statement of Purpose, Umang Singhal
  • Cyber-Attacks & Working from home
  • Define one result and one operational measurement.
  • Using evidence from Garbology, what argument can you make that Americans should be less wasteful? Write an essay that convinces people in the US to create less waste.
  • Who is the most important political musical artist/band of all time? (compare & contrast) Possible candidates include Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Jello Biafra, Bob Marley, and Bono)





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