Challenge and Change: Course Culminating Activity Social Science Experiment Overview Ever wonder

Challenge and Change: Course Culminating Activity

Social Science Experiment


Ever wonder why people leave a room behind a person using an ATM machine? Ever observe how and where people stand in an elevator? Where is their gaze focused? Do you think that society more tolerant today compared to past generations (racial, sexual orientation, religion etc.)? What affect does technology have on social trends?

Students will assume the role of an expert in the field of social science (either anthropology, psychology, or sociology) and perform an experiment to answer a question about human behaviour relative to the field of social science. This course culminating activity is worth 10%-20% [class vote pending] of the summative mark.

There will be Two components to this course culminating activity:

1) Research Report (Step 1-5)- Social Science Experiment (written)

2) Panel Presentation (Step 6)- Social Science Experiment (oral)

STEP-1) Research Team, Topic of Study and Key Questions

Select a topic for the research

Formulate a hypothesis that you are going to try to prove

Create at least three “Key Questions” for the research study. These questions should be measurable questions that focus on observable instances of habitual human behavior or can be questions answered in a survey / field study.

Help? Formulating Questions: page 98 text

STEP-2)Overview of Research Project and its Goals

Give an overview of the research project and description of what social science field(s) it relates to and how

Provide a rationale for the research study and how it is relevant and current to society today.

Provide a Statement of the Goal of the Research Study


Create a workable, measurable, testable hypothesis relevant to the research project, key questions and study of social science

Help? Creating a Hypothesis: page 65 text

STEP-4)Research and Setting up Research and Experiment

Conduct preliminary research according to the most applicable field

of social science and research and review any past studies, experiments, findings or statistics that relate to your study

Help? Research Tips: page 121, 158, 282 text

Devise and plan an experiment to test the hypothesis (you may conduct a study of observation, interviews, surveys, field study, scientific journals, government census reports). Ensure the experiment is ethical, free from bias, contains consistent variables and tests the most appropriate subjects

Help? Creating a Survey: page 373

Help? Creating a Field Observation: page 379

STEP5)Interpretation / Analysis of Results & Conclusions

Your presentation to the class should include:

a)An overview of how the experiment was conducted

b)Compare your hypothesis against the experiment findings and develop a clear thesis Help? Devising a Thesis: page 216 text

c)Graph your results using visuals (charts, graphs, maps, photographs)

Help? Interpreting Results using Diagrams: page 316, 367, 375, 381 text

d)Interpret and analyze results and then validate your conclusions to ensure the evidence presented supports the conclusions you have draw.

Help? Conclusions: page 356 text

e)Compare your Hypothesis to your Thesis


STEP-6)Oral Panel Presentation of Social Experiment

Each student will present his/her experiment goals, key questions, hypothesis, methodology, observations / results, and conclusions to the rest of the class in a panel presentation (8 minutes)

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