M3. Discussion: Reflecting On Our Writing History Topic Philosopher George Santayana Is

M3. Discussion: Reflecting On Our Writing History 


Philosopher George Santayana Is it attributed with saying: “those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” While this is true, one also needs to reflect on history to understand what should be avoided in the future. Reflection is the key, and that is what we are doing in this discussion. 


Now that you have completed your final draft of essay #1 what have you learned while writing it? What parts of drafting this essay were a struggle for you? Are you going to review any parts of this course or other reference material before beginning the next essay?


What is your plan to improve your academic writing for essay #2?

M4. Discussion: Essay #2 Reflection 


When essay #1 was completed we considered the important role of reflection on growth as a writer.  Though we rarely have time to consider how something we have completed has turned out, it is important to do so.  Reflection and planning improvements for the next project create growth in writing skills.

For this discussion, please list your plan to strengthen your skill as an academic writer.  What elements in essay #2 were particularly challenging for you? What improvements have you worked on in this paper that you identified as problems when you wrote essay #1? What will you work on to improve your academic writing in essay #3, the research paper?

M6. Discussion: Differentiating Credible from Non-credible Sources


Understanding the differences between a good source of information and a poor one is a vital skill.  This week we considered the vast changes from a world where information was scarce to the modern world where information is everywhere on the internet.  The skill that you need to have today is the ability to identify a good source.

For our discussion this week, let’s have some fun. Please use the search skills you have been working on this week to find and share with us a truly terrible source. 

Please conduct a search on one of the topics listed in the table below to find a source you think is not a reliable one.  You will share the link for the source you have found, then outline for us why you feel this article is not a reliable source.

Please pick one of the topics below for your research:




Climate Change

Celebrity News


M7. Discussion: New Skills & What You Have Learned


In this course, we have covered a wide array of topics all of which lead to better writing skills in academic essays.  The knowledge and skills we have practiced are extremely important to your academic career.  As we have seen, academic writing is the key to success in college.  You have worked hard to get this far and come to the end of the course. 

But, as you know, we often forget the things we have learned if we don’t continue to practice and use them.

Please share with us a sample of how you plan to retain the things you learned in the course about academic writing and how you plan to grow as an academic writer in the future.

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