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? Demonstrate academic skills, including written, oral and visual communications, which reflect industry expectations 


Most research in the construction industry focuses at the project level. That is, we want to know how to build construction projects more successfully. Other research focuses on narrower issues, dealing with matters such as equipment and machine performance, as well as materials, software, health and safety, and the like. However, while making sure technologies perform as required and that projects come in on time and to cost is important, that does not mean the construction firms delivering projects are going to survive over the long term. In fact, most firms in Australia earn less profit than you can get by putting your money in the bank – which is to say, 1.2% in 2019. (By comparison, pharmaceutical companies earn around 30%.) Part of the problem is that construction firms do not think long-term; they think project to project. Thus, while the projects may perform well, the firm itself delivering them may one day go bankrupt or be taken over. In Australia this happens often. Multiplex was sold to Brookfield, Probuild  was acquired by Wilson Bayly Holmes Ovcon, and John Holland was bought by a Chinese firm. What then are the problems and challenges that construction firms face that are making it so hard to survice and thrive in the industry?


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