Project Management Issues and Concerns About the Project Timeline

Read the case Crosby Manufacturing Corporation (Page 203-206) from Kerzner, H. (2017). Project Management Case Studies (Vol. Fifth edition). Pages attached to this request.
Examine the project management issues including concerns about the project, timeline, uncertainties about meeting timelines, and consequences.
Let’s practice Cooperative Learning. To that end, please reach out to at least one fellow classmate and discuss the project management issues of importance in this case. You are NOT producing an assignment together but rather engaging in a sharing of research and informed opinion. Include the name(s) of the other student(s) with whom you are in cooperative discussion. (Your classmate does not need to choose the same Portfolio Project option as you. The goal here is to simply enhance your learning about project management issues through sharing and debate. You may email your fellow students to ask for participation.)
Your paper must include the following:
Introduction: In no more than 1 paragraph, explain the purpose or thesis of the paper, and explain how the body of the paper is arranged to support the purpose of the paper.
Cooperative Learning: Share the name of your fellow classmate with whom you discussed the project management issues of importance in this case.
Body: In no more than 1 page, provide a brief overview of the case and the project management issues as identified in the case.
In about two pages, describe your analysis of the approach the team took, its challenges, and details about the result.
Conclusion: In no more than 1 paragraph, present a recap of key points and summary of main emphasis without repeating verbatim and exclusive of new information.
References: Include at least two current scholarly references (peer-reviewed articles published within the past five years) in addition to the course textbook and/or lecture material to support your overview and your findings.


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