Autoregressive Models of Monthly Excess Stock Returns

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Autoregressive Models of Monthly Excess Stock Returns,is the excess return on a broad-based index of stock prices, called the CRSP value-weighted index, using monthly data from 1960:M1 to 2002:M12, where “M1” denotes the first month of the year (January), “M2” denotes the second month, and so forth.The monthly excess return is what you earn, in percentage terms, by purchasing a stock at the end of the previous month and selling it at the end of this month, minus what you would have earned had you purchased a safe asset (a U.S. Treasury bill). The return on the stock includes the capital gain (or loss) from the change in price plus any dividends you receive during the month.

When to apply a “buy and hold” strategy:

If you have a reliable “forecast” of future stock returns then an active “buy and hold” strategy will make you rich quickly by beating the stock market.If you think that the stock market will be going up, you should buy stocks today and sell them later, before the market turns down. Forecasts based on past values of stock returns are sometimes called “momentum” forecasts: If the value of a stock rose this month, perhaps it has momentum and will also rise next month.If so, then returns will be autocorrelated, and the autoregressive model will provide useful forecasts. You can implement a momentum-based strategy for a specific stock or for a stock index that measures the overall value of the market.From another point of view, we can use autoregressive models to test a version of the efficient markets hypothesis (EMH). A strict form of the efficient markets hypothesis states that information observable to the market prior to period ???? should not help to predict the return during period ????. If the (EMH) is false, then returns might be predictable. If so, then returns will be autocorrelated, and the autoregressive model will provide useful forecasts.

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