Integrated marketing research

General Instructions:
Answer clearly and explain your answers. Support your answers with relevant theories, models, and
data. Use professional and academic terminology. Demonstrate your arguments with original
examples that were not discussed in class.
You are encouraged to use a wide variety of different information sources to support your answers
and arguments, including a minimum of seven academic articles, in addition to a minimum of seven of any of the following sources: books, popular press, magazines, blogs, vlogs, and online videos. To this end, you may find IDCs Library Electronic Resources Tutorial helpful.
Discuss differences and similarities in the views/arguments of the articles you cite.
Describe fully, clearly and graphically every model and theory used in your answers.
Use charts, graphs, and tables to effectively communicate your ideas.
o Clearly and accurately cite all sources from which you obtained ideas used in your paper. All in-text material and reference list citations should be presented according to APA style guidelines (7th ed).
o References should be substantive enough so that anyone interested can easily find the material referenced.
o Wikipedia should not be used as a reference.
Formatting: Font 12 pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, margins 2.5 cm (~1).
Papers will not exceed 10 pages.

Please address the following marketing communication topics, processes, and strategies:
1. IMC as a means of effectively managing relationship marketing.
2. Pull and push strategies in marketing communications: choice criteria, applications, trends and
3. IMC as a means of value enhancement.
4. Big data applications in IMC: benefits, risks and strategies.
5. Marketers increasingly use search engines in their marketing communications.
a. What drives this trend? What is the professional motivation to do this? What may be the downsides of this tactic?
b. What are the desirable/undesirable strategies and techniques?
In the present paper you are requested to discuss, explain and demonstrate each one of these topics. In order to guide you through the writing process, please elaborate on each and every one of the following aspects:
1. How can marketers promote their brands and accomplish their objectives by employing these processes/strategies?
2. What factors may be influenced by these processes? How do marketers, consumers and media channels react to these processes?
3. How may brands and branding be affected? For example, is there a need to take additional brand elements into consideration? Does the factor of time play a role? Is the competition a “worthy” adversary?
4. What other marketing or managerial decisions may change as a result of these processes? For example, personal selling strategies or employee recruitment.
5. What are the opportunities (e.g., real time marketing), benefits, and risks involved?
6. Are there noteworthy success and failure stories?
7. Present recent developments and trends.
Good luck!


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