What products or services does the organization offer?

Use the company website, 10K report, and other sources.
Provide an overview of the organization:
1. What products or services does the organization offer?
2. What is the organizations core competencies?
3. What industry/market does the organization serve?
4. Is the organization US domestic or global?
5. What are the main objectives of the organization?
6. What are the major challenges for the organization to meet its objectives?
7. How long has the organization been in operation?
8. Any unique traits/facts about the business?

How does the organization work with the gig economy? Do they hire temporary employees, contract employees? What is the company’s involvement with the gig economy?

How does the organization manage and support the gig workforce?
Is the gig workforce the right fit for the organization?

How does the gig workforce impact the company financially, ethically, its culture, impact on full-time employees etc.


  • Compare and contrast the painter and Edward in 2BRO2B.
  • Is there a difference among such genres as comedies, dramas, police procedurals, children’s shows, cartoons, and reality shows, in how marginalized people are portrayed?
  • What products or services does the organization offer?
  • Describe what Marx means when he states: The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.
  • What is most significant from the reading is that while the various factors play roles, no single one is entirely deterministic.
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  • Describe what is meant by the terms environmental racism and environmental justice?
  • Write a memo as the sales director of a company to both in-house sales department employees and the sales representatives.
  • What is source credibility and does source credibility affect attitude change?
  • Write an essay on “Why do people have a tendency to remember unusual ads more effectively than ads that are less interesting?

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