What were some of the abuses of women?

What were some of the abuses of women? Consider the role women play in todays society, are they still subject to similar abuse? Use ideas from outside sources for support in analyzing women historically and present. Your paper is to be a full 400500 words 45 paragraph essay, with supporting in-text citations and a reference list. You are to use citations from research.


  • Write an essay on “Why do people have a tendency to remember unusual ads more effectively than ads that are less interesting?
  • Discuss the positive and negative consequences of todays culture of participation that is enabled by social media platforms.
  • Does the quality of every day non-fiction writing matter to you?
  • What are some secondary sources of information that might be used to conduct research for this company?
  • What is your account balance and how did your account balance end up compared to your competitors?
  • What were some of the abuses of women?
  • What four functions does the master production schedule (MPS) perform in the production planning system?
  • What strategies did you use to develop the theme in your story?
  • Discuss what you see are the reasons for and against using management practices in the diagnosis of organizations.
  • Identify and examine the major factors and influences which engender the unique dynamics that may be presented by substance abuse clients of different racial and ethnic origins and from across different class, gender and religious belief systems.

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