Young Australians are indifferent when it comes to religion and spirituality, as it’s not really relevant to their lives. Discuss.

You have been asked to make a presentation to your Unit Chair on this topic.

You must answer this question by writing a 1000 word script (give or take 10% so 900-1100 words), referring to at least four academic sources from our week 1-6 readings (particularly weeks 5-6 on the theory of lived religion and the Gen Z study) and at least two additional academic sources, so at least six academic sources in total. You must also cite these sources accurately using the Harvard referencing system. You should also include some images and graphs.

Useful instructions on how to quote, paraphrase and cite material accurately can be found in the Deakin online study guides on essay writing, academic skills and referencing.

This short presentation will assist you to not only better understand key sociology of religion concepts but to refine your academic writing and referencing, so that you can hopefully obtain higher marks in final assignment.

This essay is to be submitted on this Cloud site in Week 8, on Friday 14th January 2022.

Go to Assessments, Assignments, Assessment Task 2 to upload your assignment.

If you require an extension please contact Enqi ahead of the due date as late submissions will be penalised – see Rights and Responsibilities for more details on extensions, special consideration and late penalties. Go to Resources, Unit Guide and Information, Rights and Responsibilities – Arts and Education.


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  • Young Australians are indifferent when it comes to religion and spirituality, as it’s not really relevant to their lives. Discuss.
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