Advanced Web Technology Online FrFT Calculation Cloud System

Assignment Task


The fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) is a family of linear transformations generalizing the standard Fourier transform (FT). It can be thought of as generalizing the FT to the a-th power, where a need not be an integer.

This coursework is divided into three parts:

i. An online FrFT calculationcloud system. You can use any language/framework/package to develop this cloud system.

ii. A mini-report (no more than 1000 words) shows the basic information, such as progress, findings, and analysis of this group project.

iii. A group presentation of no less than (3*n) slides and no less than (3*n) minutes about this “Online Fractional Fourier Transform (FrFT)

In the group presentations, your team needs to cover all the six following aspects:

  • Define what FrFT is and how to use FrFT to analyze an input signal.
  • Discuss which platforms (Alibaba or Azure or local machines) do you use.
  • Show how you invoke the FrFT function packages 
  • Show GUI design of users to select new input signals to the cloud system.
  • Show how the programs run (provide screenshots and code snippets) and analyze the results.
  • Show everyone’s contributions to this group work.

2- Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

Module-specific skills

1.Understand basic knowledge of signal processing and matrix manipulation.

2.Understand cloud computing history, concepts, and characteristics.

3.Understand the difference between different cloud computing models.

4.Understand how to develop a signal-processing cloud system.

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