Bollywood Movies & Tendency of Indians Visiting American Destinations

Assignment Task


To understand the perception of Indians based on Bollywood films and their tendency set in The United States.

Research Questions:

How do Indian’s perceive American destinations based on Bollywood films they watch?

Research Objective:

To understand the perception of Indian’s based on the Bollywood films they watch.


Bollywood is an Indian film-making industry that sprung in the 1930s in Mumbai, India. It has now developed into a mass empire producing almost 300 films annually. Typical Bollywood films comprise of melodramatic storylines, skillfully choreographed fight scenes and spectacular music and dance routines. Films describe larger than life heroes who represent Indian cultures and ideologies. Older Bollywood films were modest, fairytale-like, and archaic, depicting themes like innocence, love at first sight, and patriarchy. The films depict the sexist mindset that was dominant in India for decades, and it is particularly memorable to the modern Indian generation who watches it since it portrays such an outdated notion. The impact of the Bollywood film industry in the Indian subculture and beyond is immense. Bollywood has created a massive impact on the culture of India and the changed perspectives of individuals. Mumbai has long been one of India’s leading centres for arts and culture, serving as one of the most important places of the country’s theatrical scene in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. However, the reach of theatre in India at the time was and continues to be restricted. The limited mobility meant that Indian theatre was never a mass phenomenon. Literature was also hindered in its attempts to reach the public; the high prevalence of illiteracy and the division of the few educated into numerous languages made it difficult for a book or novel to function as a unifying thread. This research aims to analyse the perceptions of American destinations by Indians solely based on what they view in Bollywood films set in The United States.

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