Describe the problems addressed in the research paper

The purpose of the term paper is to analyze a current research paper in the area of Database & Enterprise Application Security in order to understand how researchers carry out research in this area and how findings/results are shared with the scientific community. Each student needs to identify a specific research paper to read through, summarize as per the below template, and present in class. A set of research papers are made available for the students on blackboard for illustration purposes.

Template for Term Paper
Expected number of pages: 4 – 5

Complete reference of the research paper that you have selected for analysis and presentation

Describes the problem addressed by the researcher(s), the method, the results, and the conclusions

Describe the problems addressed in the research paper
Describe the objectives expected from the research paper
Describe the assumptions made in the research paper

Describe the references used in the research (journal papers vs. conference papers vs. workshop papers, venues of publications, dates of publications, etc.)
Describe additional references that you have consulted to complete the current assignment

Proposed approach
Describe the type of the database security presented in the research paper
Describe the solution developed along with limitations and future work

Opinion on the research carried out.


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