Fictional story

mid-term examination consists of a fictional short story (6-8 pages long).You are encouraged to be creative, but there are some basic rules you must follow. Characters can be
onal or real, collective or individual, famous or completely unknown. However, in all cases you must take into account actual social, economic,
iral, and political circumstances and processes. The format of the story is free, but you must provide context using the required readings of these, plus some additional research of your own. Although the format is flexible, this is ultimately an academic piece of writing. Use quotation is and provide proper references when quoting a specific source.
Main book ch 1,3,4,5,6,and 7


  • How did African-American culture evolve in the slave community, and what form did resistance to captivity take?
  • What motives led Americans to move about so frequently, and how did that mobility affect cities?
  • Comparing the law of Edidence of France and the United States
  • How do the different theoretical approaches to strategy in this week’s readings relate to and enlighten us about the likely interconnections between grand strategy (policy), intelligence, and war?
  • Spanish-American War
  • This research study seeks to establish the impact that they delay in resolving criminal cases has on the overall functioning of the criminal justice system
  • Fictional story
  • nursing burnout education and assessment change proposal
  • Capstone project: Write a 1 page reflection paper about (Capacity to Lead) that you have previous completed. My individual project was about a topic on Monitoring of Employees Computer Activities and the impacts on employee and business:
  • Create a coherent argument about your topic including an explanation of the impact of the topic on the instruction of English Learners.

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