Gun Control and more specifically there should be gun control laws

It should be a 5-minute speech outline and it should be 2 pages long. The speech should have an attention-getting device as well as an effective conclusion.

The speech should be divided into 5 main points
1) introduction 2) problem 3) cause 4) solution 5) conclusion

The speech must have a minimum of 5 american sources (newspapers and magazines only-no internet sources) the sources should be in (boldface type and parenthesis) in the outline where you are actually going to say them out loud during your speech.

Each student must turn in a 2 page typed speech outline. Students should provide as much detail in the outline as possible. Students must use complete sentences etc. Sources must also be included in parenthesis inside the outline as previously stated.

Unlike the informative speech, where we were just giving information about your topic, the persuasive speech requires that you choose one side of an issue and persuade the audience to agree with you.

The most important thing to understand is that your thesis statement must be written as an argument.

Incorrect sample thesis statement:

Today, I am going to persuade the audience about the environment.

This sample is not written properly (as an argument) because the sentence does not tell the audience what side the speaker is on. The word “About” is especially problematic because it leaves the thesis ambiguous. What about the environment?

You must write the thesis statement so that it clearly stated what side you are on.

Correct sample thesis statement:

Today, I am going to persuade the audience that the environment is in jeopardy and we must take immediate action to save it.

Incorrect sample thesis statement:

Today I’m going to persuade the audience about gun control.

(what about it? Are you for it? Against it?…..)The way the above sentence is written we have no idea.

Correct sample thesis statement:


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