Linear Dataset Contains Four Columns Tv Radio, Newspaper and Sales

Assignment Task


The “linear” dataset contains four columns, TV, Radio, Newspaper and Sales. Last one is the target. Build a model that predict how much sales one will have based on the money spent in each of the respctive campaignsPlease don’t scale or normalize the input data for this question

The model must respond to below questions:

A) As a manager, which campain has been most important in determining Sales? Just enter the name of the feature into Task_1_a

B) How did you choose the most important factor? Write a short explanation in Task_1_b

C) What is the value of the slope of your model. Write the answer in Task_1_c


The average weight of an iron bar population is 90lbs. Supervisor believes that the average weight might be lower. Random samples of 6 iron bars are measured, and the average weight is 82lbsand a standard deviation of 18lbs. With a 95% confidence level, is there enough evidence to suggest the average weight is lower?

A) To set up the null hypothesis, one should that H0 is equal, smaller, or greater than 90. Which choice is correct? just write the correct item in Task_2_a

B) What is the criticval a value? just write the correct item in Task_2_b

C) choose one: “reject” H0 or “fail to reject” H0? just write the correct item in Task_2_c

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