My Ethics Challenged // Cultural Misunderstanding

This essay is for my MBA admissions. Currently I work in finance (supply chain industry) in Dubai. Below are the two topics to choose from :

– Describe a time when your ethics were challenged. How did you deal with the situation and what did you learn from it?


– Describe a time when you had a significant misunderstanding with someone from a different background or culture. How did you resolve the misunderstanding.


  • Qualitative Research Report – The Psychology of Friendships
  • Describe the problems addressed in the research paper
  • My Ethics Challenged // Cultural Misunderstanding
  • Gun Control and more specifically there should be gun control laws
  • What is capitalism and what role does it play in the US Economic and Healthcare Systems?
  • Linux Administration
  • How has your nursing education reinforced the limited view of health care? Can you suggest some new escape fires?
  • What is meant by the AMDR, and what is this range for carbohydrates?
  • Cause-and-Effect Research Project, Rough Draft & Annotated Bibliography

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