Take Home Final Essay The goal of this part of th |

Take Home Final Essay The goal of this part of the class is to make broad connections across the units so that important points of connection and difference can emerge. You’ll write two essays that you share with me at the end of the term during finals week. Goals for each essay: analyze one theme, here are a few possibilities: Gender, Spirituality, Power, Warfare, Domestic Life, or the Human Form (feel free to suggest another theme, but email me about it in advance) organize your analysis of that theme in a clear, evidence-based way often the analysis will be based around an overarching connection or striking difference, but you can build your essay around any argument as long as you substantiate it each essay should use examples of art or architecture from 3 to 4 units (Note that it’s not necessarily better to use a lot more examples, sometimes a more compelling argument rests on a few, well-chosen key works) no need for external research the total word count for both essays should be 1500-2000 words (ie, you can make each one about 750 words or you can have one be a little longer based on how inspiration strikes) please focus either on power or spirituality

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