TDA Writing Response

The events and people of Maycomb, Alabama are seen through the innocent eyes of a small child. Atticus displays great bravery by defending Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white lady. Even though he knows he won’t win the case since the county is racist, but Atticus continues to fight for justice. Atticus, on the other hand, thinks that everyone is equal, therefore just because Tom Robinson is black doesn’t mean he shouldn’t defend him. He’s told Scout several times that if he didn’t support this man, he wouldn’t be able to set a good example of equality for Jem and Scout. Spite of the fact that he is only one guy, he hopes to build a cascading effect in which others would see the light and begin to believe that everyone is genuinely equal, regardless of skin color. Atticus defends Tom for the same reasons that characterize him as a humble lawyer and person. Scout had a lot of difficulties at school since a lot of people called her a “n**** lover,” therefore Scout believed as if they were wrong and she wanted to speak up and support her father in some way because of Atticus’s case and opinions.


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