What strengths/advantages do you bring to the negotiation?

Read the following scenario, review course content, and conduct additional research on the topic of effective negotiation strategies.

Scenario: It’s Tuesday morning, and you just got a message from your manager of three years that an unexpected product promotion setup needs to be completed over the upcoming weekend. She just found out about the product set early this morning from the regional manager, who expects the setup to be completed by Monday morning to maintain alignment with organizational goals and objectives. Since you have been at this Walmart store for four years and have the most experience with previous sets of this product, she wants you to work Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon to help get the project done. However, your schedule has you off this weekend and you had planned to attend your mother’s 85th birthday party on Saturday evening. You also wanted to do some yard work on Sunday, since the weather is forecast to be cool and dry. You have set up a meeting with your manager for this afternoon to discuss the situation and negotiate for a better resolution.

Use the results of your review and your research results to answer the following questions regarding the scenario:
1. What strengths/advantages do you bring to the negotiation? What strengths/advantages does your manager bring to the negotiation? Explain.
2. What issues rank high on your list of priorities for the negotiation? What issues do you think rank high on your manager’s list of priorities?
3. What can you do to prepare yourself for the negotiation to make sure that you communicate your concerns and issues effectively?
4. What can you do during the negotiation to make sure you fully understand your manager’s concerns and issues?
5. Which negotiation strategy would you adopt for this scenario: a distributive (win/lose) negotiation, or an integrative (win/win) negotiation? Justify your answer.
6. Explain what resolution you would be willing to accept to ensure that your working relationship with your manager is maintained and strengthened, and organizational goals are achieved.


  • What strengths/advantages do you bring to the negotiation?
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