Test Results

Please use the subjective and objective tests you selected for your athlete in Week 2 and provide their results and determine where the compensations exist. For example, you used the squat assessment and the athlete had valgus in his knees; you are to identify the valgus as well as the overactive and underactive muscles.

This assignment is a continuation of my first one, which I have attached. It is about a female olympic diver. Her birthday is November 10, 1985, height is 5′ 6″ and weight is 117lbs. I am basing my information off a retired chinese olympic diver by the name of Wu Minxia but I am not mentioning her name in my paper. What is needed for this assignment is the subjective and objective information test results. The subjective information is the medical history and the pre-screening questionairre. The objective info is the physical tests and results from those tests. The attached paper was the first part of the assignment. I did not do a good job but the subjective information for this paper should include made up information like a previous back injurt, plantar fasciitis, maybe a previous surgery on the back or foot. Also with the subjective info should include pertinent info from the other pre-screening questions like height, weight, age, body fat, blood pressure and things of that nature. According to NASM, chapter 3 a female diver should be less than 15%. The objective information I want to be included are different tests that test her flexibility, strength in her legs, endurance test, things of that nature that have to do with a diver , diving off platforms/diving boards. For instance, she has to have strong legs to be able to get enough height to jump off the platform. She has to be flexible enough to perform twists and flips in mid air, things like that. Some examples of these test can be found in Chapter 3 of the NASM, which is attached. Some flexibility and balance tests are the overhead squat assessment, Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) and the one legged squat assessment. Assessments for her leg strength could be the Double Leg Vertical Jump assessment, Double Leg Vertical Jump assessment, Single-leg Horizontal Hop (Long Jump on Single Leg) assessment, things like that. Whatever tests that you could think of that a diver would need, you can throw in the paper. Once again, a lot of the assessments and tests are in Chapter 3 of the NASM. Please include information on muscle imbalances or flexibility issues that the athlete may have because of injury or age, which can be found in chapter 4. Training and exercises for any area that the diver is lacking in can be found in chapters 5-8 of the NASM.


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