Describe and analyze proposed Law #2 applying each moral theory.

Please read the attached case describing an issue you face as a manager of Private Prison Corporation of America. Your supervisor has asked that you identify the issues involved in the case, analyze the options for the business and set forth an argument (not just your opinion) for the most appropriate course of action explaining why that is the best course of action and how you would go about achieving that result. Your answer should be in the form of an essay.

Please use the frameworks set forth in the attached articles to inform your analysis.

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits, Milton Friedman
Managing for Stakeholders, R. Edward Freeman
A Framework for Ethical Reasoning, Sandra J. Sucher
A Note on Five Traditional Theories of Moral Reasoning

If you rely on information from the foregoing articles, please include appropriate citations. Please do not consult additional outside sources.

The analysis of the two proposed laws and the advice that you give as a manager for the prison, should demonstrate an understanding of the four moral/economic theories discussed in class and in the readings: Friedman shareholder theory, Freeman’s stakeholder theory, utilitarianism and deontology. You should apply each of the 4 moral theories to both scenarios (proposed laws) presented in the assignment.

Introduction: state the issues you’re presented with along with a brief statement of your conclusion, which is your thesis. (what advice are you giving and why)


1.Describe and analyze proposed Law #1 applying each moral theory

2.Describe and analyze proposed Law #2 applying each moral theory

Conclusion: summarize the issues and restate the conclusions you’ve reached under both laws (what advice you are giving and why).


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  • Describe and analyze proposed Law #2 applying each moral theory.
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