Describe your participation in extracurricular or community outreach activities?

Essay prompt is: Describe your participation in extracurricular or community outreach activities? (0 of 5000 characters)

Below is a list of the activities I have participated in:
Member, School Biomimicry Club (2020-Present)
Meeting weekly and attending the 4-hour marathon meeting every two weeks; having been selected as a member with the other 4 classmates on behalf of the Club to compete the 2021 – 2022 Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge; leading the team to work on a project that addresses a problem with a nature-inspired innovation.

Member, School Math Team (2019-present)
Having been a Team A member since 9th Grade, co-directed practices, assigned each member roles, led preparation for competition, helped team win Regional 1st place in 2019.

Programmer of School Robotics Team (2019-Present)
Responsible for designing and writing code for Robot using the competition template, coordinated team preparation for various competitions, helped team reached to Regional Final.

Volunteer for Museum & Science Center (2019-Present)
Having volunteered for the Curiosity camps, and the summer camps of the Cumming Nature Center, helped campers with a wide variety of projects, activities, and science experiments.

Academic Tutor for my brother (2019-Present)
Tutoring academic subjects including English and Math for my brother who is 5 years younger than me almost every day, helping him to make daily and weekly plans for schoolwork and extracurricular activities in order for him to form good behavior habits.

Member, Varsity Baseball Team (2019-Present)
Having played second base since 9th Grade (300+hrs), practiced daily during the Fall sport season, won the Most Improved Player in 10th Grade, helped team reach to semi sectionals in Monroe County Class C2 in the 2021 spring sport season.


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