Explain the term “dominance structuring” in your own words.

Textbook: Chapter 10, 11
Remember these journal questions require more thinking than writing. Think about exactly what you are asked to do, and then write as economically as possible.

For this journal assignment, briefly answer each of the following prompts. For all instances where you are required to provide a definition, do not copy definitions from the text. Use your own words.

The textbook mentions the skill of self-regulation. How do you define this term? You may want to review Chapter 2 (to review critical thinking skills) before your write out your definition.
Sytem-1 and System-2
Define System-1 and System-2 thinking in your own words.
Give an example from your personal or work life where you would use each of them, explaining why each is appropriate to the situation in which you use it.
Define “heuristic” in your own words.
Give an example of a heuristic might be used in your personal or professional life and briefly show how it could have a positive or negative effect.
Do not use examples found in the text.
Dominance Structuring
Explain the term “dominance structuring” in your own words.
Is dominance structuring a positive or negative attribute of critical thinking? Explain.
Use examples if that is helpful to your explanation.
Cognitive Bias
Briefly examine what part you think mastery of facts and understanding of data have in avoiding cognitive bias in System-1 thinking.
If you include references to outside sources (beyond the textbook), make sure you cite them properly.


  • Explain the term “dominance structuring” in your own words.
  • Describe your participation in extracurricular or community outreach activities?
  • What activities and/or hobbies demonstrate your leadership, creativity and uniqueness?
  • Explain how your solution proposal counteracts the causes of the societal problem and mitigates the consequences.
  • Write a report on an effort that is “current (i.e., evidence within last 2 years) mitigation/ prevention trend/ activity for a particular hazard utilizing concepts from the course materials & discussion.
  • What challenges and opportunities did Chris face as the team leader of the Southwest Region?
  • What did Baker hope to accomplish as a result of his conversation with Rennalls?
  • Does the literature review simply summarize, or does it involve synthesis as well?
  • What does religion tell people about death and the afterlife?
  • Write a paper about Martin Luther King Jr. “Letter from Birmingham jail”.

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