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The focus can be on: (1) the health services systems identified (i.e. Hospitals, Ambulatory Care, Mental Health Services, Long Term Care) by exploring and researching the selected agencies’ strengths and challenges faced in providing services to their target population; (2)the types of health professions associated with the health care workforce with a special emphasis on the professional discipline to which you aspire including education, challenges, and controversies faced by that discipline; (3) the structural issues associated with health care delivery such as technology or financing with an emphasis on innovation, funding, challenges and controversies including making recommendations for improving the system, especially from the perspective of the agency and the clients in need of services You are to include in your examination and analysis of USA Health Care Organization and Delivery the impact of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

health service system issue

1)  Develop a problem statement about the health service system issue you select.

2)  Devise a strategy to maximize learning and afford a multi-faceted view of the healthsystem studied. For example, you can conduct an interview with appropriate individuals who can help answer the question; explore media resources to answer the question; or use other innovative research methods to answer the question. All questions and approaches to answering the questions must be discussed with the professor when submitted.

  1. Your Paper should include:

-The problem statement (Minimum of one sentence)

– Explain a minimum of TWO methods for examining the problem (i.e. interview, exploration of media resources). (Min. of two paragraphs (4-6 sentences).

– Discussion on background of the problem. (Min. of One paragraph (4-6 sentences).

-Discussion on controversies of the problem. (Min. of One paragraph (4-6 sentences).

-Discussion of solutions of the problem. (Min. of One paragraph (4-6 sentences).

-Discussion of recommendations to improve the problem (Min. of One paragraph (4-6 sentences).





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