Discuss the role allocation which is present in the Alvarez family.

Case Study: The Alvarez Family

*** Detail each of the theoretical perspectives (critical, interpretive, positivistic) then apply them to The Alvarez Family as though you were the leader of a team being asked to evaluate this case. ***

Carlos and Angelina are happily married with three children. Carlos is employed at the local high school as the physical education instructor and as the football coach. Angelina is a nurse at the local hospital. Since Angelinas schedule changes depending on the rotation schedule at the hospital, Carlos often takes responsibility for seeing that the house is cleaned, the meals are cooked, and the children are cared for. However, whenever Angelinas schedule allows, she tells Carlos that she wishes to take primary responsibility for these duties. Due to the nature of Carlos job, he often has summers offthus, he spends a lot of time with the children in the summer taking them swimming, to Little League games, etc. In fact, Carlos feels that he is better at childcare than Angelinahowever, Angelina sees herself as the better parent. Angelina makes sure that she expresses to Carlos how much she appreciates the great job he is doing helping her out. Angelinas female friends also point out how great it is that Carlos can take such an active role in raising the children.

Recently, Carlos friends have started to tease him about how domesticated hes becoming. After thinking about this, Carlos starts to feel uncomfortable. He tells Angelina that he wants to be the primary breadwinner and that she needs to start spending more time at home with the kids. Angelina replies that she worked a long time to earn her degree and that she deserves to work outside the home just as much as Carlos does. Carlos retorts that he never expected to be married to a woman who didnt want to fulfill her roles in the household and with her children. Angelina is angry and cant believe Carlos could say such a thing. Carlos storms out of the house.


1) Discuss the role allocation which is present in the Alvarez family. How does this role allocation make each family member feel?

2) What are the role expectations that Carlos and Angelina have for one another? What are the role expectations that Carolos and Angelina have for themselves?

3) How are roles enacted in the Alvarez family? What is the resulting role conflict?

4) Identify the interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict that occurs regarding the family roles.

5) What advice would you give Carlos and Angelina regarding their difficulty negotiating family roles?


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  • Discuss the role allocation which is present in the Alvarez family.
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