alcohol and cannabis

Please just answer the questions. Helpful modules attached

1. Which drug are you choosing to review?

2. What major class does the substance fall under (stimulant, depressant, psychedelic)? 5 points

3. What are the specific effects on the Central Nervous System? What does this drug do? 5 points

4. How is the drug usually administered? 5 points

5. What are the risks associated with the substance (list at least 5)? 5 points

6. What are the potential benefits of the substance (why do people use it)? 5 points

Lastly, pick a drug, and develop an educational pamphlet or fact sheet. Think about an issue that surfaces with the use of this drug (i.e. with alcohol, 73% of sexual assaults involve alcohol). What do people need to think about, plan, etc.
This needs to cover the necessary information: risk factors related to use, common myths, resources for support, pros cons etc. Follow a harm reduction approach, not necessarily scare campaigns
Be funny, creative, get peoples attention! Please attach your drug education poster to this page upon submission. (25 points)


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