Contrast Democratic Government and Authoritarian Dictatorship Essay Writing

Assignment Task


You are required to write a final version of your essay on the topic outlined below:

  • Compare and contrast democratic government and authoritarian dictatorship.
  • In your essay you must address the following points:
  • Why and how do democratic or autocratic regimes emerge?
  • What are the conditions that sustain the survival of the two systems?
  • Explain the significance of the difference between the two systems.
  • You must use relevant sources, concepts and other information to substantiate the points you wish to make when addressing the questions above.

Please note:

This is an individual task, and you should work on this essay by yourself. Please make sure that your draft is appropriately presented and that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes in your essays.


This essay should include an introductory paragraph with a thesis, well-developed and focused main body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarises the main arguments.


  • Aims of the essay
  • Thesis statement
  • Definition of key terms
  • Overview of your essay 
  • Body of the Essay
  • 5 – 8 paragraphs
  • Coherently organised
  • Discussing evidence presented
  • Supported by academic sources
  • Concluding Paragraph:

Summary of main points

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

You must conduct library searches, use google scholar, search social science databases and find relevant academic sources (peer reviewed journal articles and books) independently, in addition to the resources listed in your VLE module page. Evaluate the ideas, comment on the quality and credibility of the findings to advance and develop your own arguments. You may also find and use other relevant secondary sources to support your points in the essay.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Read, understand, and discuss articles involved in more specialised study in the field of politics.

  • Compare and contrast political systems, institutions, behaviours, and outcomes at different times and in different places.
  • Demonstrate ability to write clear and cogent essays.
  • Conduct independent library and internet searches for scholarly work.
  • Academic Literacies Developed:
  • Communicate information clearly and effectively, employing techniques to engage an audience orally, visually or in writing
  • Use subject-specific vocabulary appropriately
  • Use and acknowledge sources using citation and referencing conventions that are appropriate for a UK HE context
  • Submission Requirements:
  • You must include the following paragraph on your title page:
  • I confirm that this assignment is my own work. Where I have referred to academic sources, I have provided in-text citations and included the sources in the final reference list.
  • You must type your assessment in Arial font 11, 1.5 line spacing, MS Word document.
  • Page numbers should be in the footer of each page  
  • Include a title page with the following information: 
  • Module Code : IY473 
  • Module Title: Introduction to Politics 
  • Student Number:
  • Date of Submission: 
  • Total word count: 
  • You must submit the assessment electronically via the VLE module page. Please ensure you submit it via Turnitin before the specified submission deadline.
  • Assessments submitted after the submission deadline may incur penalties or may not be accepted.
  • Addition submission information – check you have done the following:
  • Formatting Consistent font, spacing, page numbers, formatting and subheadings
  • Citations Correct format and location throughout the report
  • Referencing Harvard referencing system used correctly in the reference list
  • Summarising Summarising the results of research
  • Paraphrasing Paraphrasing the contents of research findings
  • Spell check Spell check the report
  • Proof-reading Proof-reading completed
  • Grammar Grammarly has been used to check the report
  • How will this assessment be marked?
  • The assessment will be marked using the following weighted marking criteria:
  • Knowledge and understanding (30%): How well you have addressed the essay question.
  • Analysis and evaluation (30%): How well you contrast political systems, institutions, behaviours, and outcomes from your chosen examples.
  • Clarity of [removed]20%): How well you structured your essay and how well you linked together your ideas and arguments.

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