Direct and Indirect Victims of Crime

The term victim has been in use for centuries. In contemporary times, its definition has come to include people who are affected both directly and indirectly by crime, accidents, and disease. Direct and indirect victims suffer differently. After an assault, the assault victim is the direct victim, suffering from injuries and perhaps a loss of property or work. Indirect victims include family, friends, and members of the community. Family and friends may suffer due to economic or emotional hardship that is a byproduct of the crime, while the community may live in fear and may limit activity. In this Discussion, you examine how crime affects both direct and indirect victims in order to effectively address their needs.

By Day 3
Post a response to the following:

Briefly describe one property crime and one violent crime.
Identify the direct and indirect victim(s) of each crime.
Explain the effect of the crime on both direct and indirect victims and how their needs differ. For each crime, address the effects on two of these areas:


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  • Direct and Indirect Victims of Crime

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