Discuss Low Impact Buildings Assessing the Potential Uses of Fungal Mycelium in Construction.

This project should be a critical review of the available literature regarding mycelium composites. The properties of mycelium composites, such as compressive strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus, insulation performance, fire resistance etc. should be compared with traditional construction materials, e.g. concrete, steel, timber. Could also include some simple structural calculations to determine the feasibility of using mycelium composites as structural, load-bearing elements. This should include a discussion on the relative environmental benefits of mycelium composites compared with traditional materials, specifically in relation to embodied carbon content. Finally, the potential for mycelium composites to replace traditional materials in the construction industry should be considered.

Should not exceed 50 pages. Does not have to be exactly 40 pages but something around that number. Also does not have to be exactly 30 sources, but again something around that number. Should use 1.5 line spacing, 11 point font and at least 2 cm margins.

There are no strict guidelines for lay-out of final report. A typical contents list might be:
i. Title page
ii. Abstract (about 200 words)
iii. Table of contents
iv. List of figures
v. List of tables
vi. List of symbols used or notation
1. Introduction, including general background and history and the aim and objectives of the study.
2. Literature Review
3. Methodology/Methods (e.g. experimental apparatus used, sampling design, experimental procedure, numerical methods and/or software used, mathematical or statistical analysis used).
4. Results (primary findings, discussion of results, and/or comparison of results with other studies).
5. Conclusions (potentially including limitations and recommendations for implementable solutions).
6. Suggestions for future work
7. References (Harvard referencing system should be adopted)
8. Appendices, (if required), such as for example: logged experimental data, maps, mathematical derivations, detailed calculations, computer code and safety assessment forms.

Please find more information about what the dissertation should actually be about in the Research Proposal that I have attached. Feel free to use and expand upon the literature review that I have written in that. It also contains many sources that may be useful when writing the dissertation.


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