Global Management

This is not about opinions but about how concepts and ideas are applied. You can include information from any other sources that you deem appropriate. List citations at the bottom of each question.
1. China is a high-power distance country, and the USA is a low power distance country. In American Factory – How do the differences in the expectations of power distance create conflict between the Chinese managers and the American workers when performing the managerial function of Leading? Do not explain Power Distance or Leading. ANALYZE the differences and how those differences create conflict. You can focus on the different expectations of behavior of workers and managers.
2. China scores high on collectivism and the USA scores high on individualism. You can see examples of these differences in American Factory. Use the perspective or traditions of Confucianism to give possible sources of the differences in Individualism and Collectivism in China and the United States.
3. The four functions of management are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. You should think about the four functions as a process, where each step builds on the others. How do the four functions of management differ by level of management: Line Management, Middle Management, and Upper Management?
4. Most large businesses are based on the Corporate Model of a separation between owners and managers. The fiduciary duty is at the heart of the corporate structure. Explain why the Fiduciary Duty is so important when the owners are separate from the management of a corporation and briefly explain the fiduciary duties of managers.
5. Why should we worry about social, religious, cultural, legal, etc. differences in Global Management? Relate this to the purpose of a business; Profits = Sales Cost.


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  • Write a unified, coherent four or five paragraph essay on ONE of the topics you will see when you open the exam. Note that once you open the exam, you cannot return to it if you submit or close it. You have only one attempt, so take care as you write you have 2 Hours to write it.
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