Language in japan

For this activity, you will do some basic research and then post on a language, or a language family, or languages in a particular region.

In searching for a language/language family/languages in a region to read and post about, don’t just google use the first thing you find. Think about an area that you would like to know more about, and start from there.
The narrative must be between 100-200 words.
DO NOT simply copy and paste from a website. I will be checking this.
Rather, take the info and paraphrase it (put it in your own words), focusing on the most important elements.
Also, include a link or links for your source(s). You can either use the entire link or an embedded link like I did above, but you must cite your source(s).
Failure to cite sources will result in deductions.

In addition to the narrative, you may also include bullet points if you want to highlight particular points (but the entire post cannot be bullet points).
This post does not require any graphics, but you may choose to add one, such as a photo of the place(s) where a language is spoken, or the people who speak it. You can also include a graph or chart (if that comes from a different source(s) then your narrative, make sure to cite it, too).


Here are some things to consider including in your narrative, though this is just a brief list. Each language is unique and there may be other elements that are just as important (or more important) than the ones below:

Geographical area
Language family it is part of
Number of speakers
Status (official or not; endangered or not; written or no written form; etc.)


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