Organizational diagnosis

Report on Organizational Effectiveness
General Administration of the University of North Carolina system

1.In a paragraph, describe the presenting problem as you see it.

2. Overall, what data collection methods were used, and, in your assessment, why do you think BCG selected these?

3. Given the presenting problem, are there additional methods you might have recommended that
BCG use? Explain why.

4. Where do you see potential strengths and weaknesses in BCG’s data collection methodology?

5. Throughout the 15 recommendations, specific management practices surface as candidates for
improvement. Identify them in the context of the recommendations, and suggest reasons why they might be important for GA to address. (Note: some of the less apparent practices may have been addressed indirectly through the organization’s restructuring. Suggestion: use the management practices framework discussed in lecture 9.2 as a guide).

6. If you were a BCG consultant and asked to select one of the organizational models discussed in class as a guide before starting this project, which would you choose and why?

7. Briefly (in a couple of paragraphs) discuss how embedded intergroup relations theory may be relevant to GA’s reorganization.

8. What data findings do you think were used to justify GA’s reorganization? That is, reorganizations are typically frequent and usually straightforward. In this case, based on the data collected and the conclusions drawn, discuss why you think a reorganization was (or was not) advisable.

9. In a couple of paragraphs, briefly offer a perspective on how you might have designed the diagnosis of this organization differently from the way BCG did it. (note: this is your opportunity to think creatively).


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