Primary Document Based Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to produce a paper in the style of a scholarly journal of costume history such as Fashion Theory or Costume.
You will analyze the assigned document and explain what the document tells us about fashion. (document is attached)

1. Formulate a correct citation for the document
You may need to do additional research beyond what is provided on the list.
2. Consider the document in relation to fashion history
Your task is to consider what the document tells us about fashion history. You may formulate your topic around a particular aspect of society, as a comparison, or a close reading. Some questions you may consider include:
a. Does the document give us any evidence or information about topics like consumerism, gender, class, or race?
b. Is fashion portrayed in a positive or negative light? Why?
c. Does the document reflect larger cultural trends of its time? How?
d. If your document is a satirical illustration, why would it have been humorous to a reader at the time it was published?
e. Situate the document in the current cannon of published works on Fashion History. How does the document fit into the existing fashion history literature? Does it relate to previously published articles or books?
3. Bibliography
Bibliography must include at least 6 sources cited in the research paper.
The sources used must include at a minimum:
1. TWO published secondary sources [book] that relates to your topic
2. A reputable online source (online encyclopedia or museum site)
3. A scholarly source of your choosing [ex., journal article]
4. A comparison painting or object from a museum
Title and name should be on a separate title page [not included in page count].
Essay should be written in the THIRD person. No personal pronouns [I, we] should be used.
1750- 2250 words minimum [7-9 pages]
12 pt Times font
Standard top, bottom, and side margins
All images should be numbered and placed in an appendix. This appendix section is not part of the final page count.
All citations should be in footnotes. Footnotes should be single-spaced, in 9pt font [this is typically the default formatting in WORD or OSX Pages].
All sources should be compiled into a bibliography at the end of the paper [not included in final page count]


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