Projectile Motion

Please follow the Format(Filename: lab format) that I give to you. This is Mandatory. (This is important) The Lab introduction file is (projectilemotion2.docx), and the result of the experiment file is (lab4 result). I also make an attachment for the lab that I wrote before (physlab1.docx). For reference, the method of conducting the experiment was by loading the iron ball into a gun and firing the ball. The pictures are the teacher’s explanations of the experiment on the blackboard, and these explanations are titled PART1, 2, but as a result, all the blackboards were taken. PART1 is the left side of the blackboard and PART2 is the right side of the blackboard. And I was pointed out in the random error part in the sample I presented. I don’t understand your random error analysis. Your references to equations are confusing. For example, how can 4 be calculated from equation 4? Please refer to this and write it down. And also, I’m always open to contacting you so If you have any problems or questions about the experiment, just make contact for WhatsApp.


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