current and proposed costs

The analysis The the main aspect of the project is to correctly calculate/analyze the current and proposed costs, so this is the most important part of the project. As in a “real-world” situation, you are working blind here (meaning that you do not know in advance what the outcome of the study will be). Thus, it is critically important that you correctly capture all aspects of the various costs and calculate them correctly. Note that to consider your analysis as “correct” you will need to be within 2-3% of the actual correct overall projected savings in order to receive full credit for this portion of the project.

Capturing cost trends Cost increases for various hard and soft costs are correctly included in the various expressions in the correct years where they occur

Executive sumrkry is included and correctly describes the expected decision for the project

– ,-• multiple variable pages).

50 to >0.0 pts 0 pts ‘ Your final projected No final “savings” for the proposed projects project is within 2-3% of “savings” are the actual correct value. calculated

10 to >0.0 pts All cost increases are correctly calculated

0 pts Increased costs are not properly included in the various expressions

10 to >0.0 pts Good executive summary with correct conclusion

0 pts No executive summary or poorly done.

50 pts

10 pts

10 pts

Total Points: 100





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